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Before we get started...

Four images from our Disney Northern European Cruise during their Silver Anniversary at Sea in August 2023
A quick collage of just a few moments from our trip

First, thank you for understanding the notable delay in getting this blog posted.

As you will see in the “Origin Story” post which will come up next, we both had goals for 2023. For me (Gayle) A LOT of goals. Well, the good news is every goal I had has already been accomplished. The less than good news is that we both have and are facing situations far beyond our expectations.

My accomplished goals included:

  • OLD JOB - Applying, interviewing, and obtaining a new full-time job

  • RETIREMENT - Formally retiring from my previous job, including packing my office and saying both joyful and sad goodbyes to students and colleagues

  • CONDO - Packing, prepping, posting, and selling my Muncie condo

  • HOUSE - A challenging home search (with a surprising outcome), moving, and STILL unpacking

  • NEW JOB - Starting an elevated position at a new university in a very different academic subject college

  • NEW(ISH) CITY - Relocating (back) to a bustling suburb

If you can imagine, all of this happened Feb-Aug!

What “life” also added to that demanding list was losing my mom (on the same day as starting my new job) and catching COVID for the first time.

If you follow our upcoming blog, you’ll also see that somewhere in the midst of all this, we kept space for an already-planned Disney Cruise Line Northern European cruise!

Stay tuned; it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Next up… Meet your hosts!

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