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Bonus Post: Kara's Ship Tour

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Hi all. Kara here.

As the non-expert between Gayle and I for Disney Travel, I thought I'd share my impressions of the Disney Wish and a little ship tour of photos - because as many photos as we used in all those previous posts, we didn't use them all! In total, I think we took 842 photos and videos on this trip. Not a record for us, but close.

Want to skip my thoughts and jump to a deck? Use these handy links.

Deck 1 * Deck 2 * Deck 3 * Deck 4 * Deck 5 * Decks 6 - 10 * Deck 11 * Deck 12 * Decks 13 & 14 * Want a list of all the videos from this entire trip - check out our full video playlist here

First, my thoughts & impressions.

Gayle and I talked a LOT about this ship before we left on this trip. She, as a diligent and dedicated travel professional, began studying the deck plans from the day they were available, watched videos, and dug deep into photos to learn as much as she possibly could about the ship before her first clients set sail on this ship (on the maiden voyage) and before we left on the trip.

I, on the other hand, wanted to go into this ship with fresh eyes. Amongst Disney peeps there is a lot of dislike/concern/confusion for the Disney Wish. Folks say it's hard to navigate, chopped up, etc. and too far away from the theming of the other four ships.

Generally speaking - with one major exception - I completely disagree. First, yes the theming is different but this ship is beautiful.

Second, I disagree on navigation (with that one exception). I found the Disney Wish exceptionally easy to navigate using only the travel guide and deck plan cheat card that Gayle provided me in advance. I also found it MUCH easier to keep myself oriented on this ship in terms of where I was (Forward stairs are green and Aft stairs are blue). For me, I think NOT having mid-ship elevators and stairs made navigation much less confusing. And, a lot of people have complained about so few elevators. We used elevators when going more than about 5 flights up - 4 was generally our limit. We never waited more than two rounds of people. The elevators are small and cramped but there are quite a few in each bay so you could often fit into one if needed.

The thing that is poorly done on this ship is so simple there is no excuse for it and that is the signing/entryways to the outer decks (formerly "Deck 4") which now includes outdoor space on Decks 4, 5, and 6. Many people would count this as two negatives in that they are disappointed in no longer having a true "Promenade Deck" outdoors. I do see that point, however watching the sail out from Deck 6 forward made up for not having a true Promenade in my mind. If we were avid runners maybe I'd feel different but we're not and I don't. However, Disney does need to make how you get out to this space MUCH, MUCH more clear.

I will also say, I love 1923 restaurant and want to go back, but I don't enjoy the menu in Worlds of Marvel and that show in Arendelle is TOO MUCH! I think they will fix the show in Arendelle and eventually that will be a pleasurable dining experience. Unfortunately, our experience with Disney fixing menus (I'm looking at you Animator's Palate menu AND Pirate Night menu) has not been good, so we'll continue to employ alternatives at this time - and the new Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods is utterly delightful.

So, with that, let me carry you along on a little deck by deck tour. I'm doing this from memory so Gayle will get to tell you all how I did as she controls when these get posted. (Okay - that was true until I got past deck 3 and then I pulled out my deck cheat card and Google. I could remember big things but all the little stuff like which cafe was on which deck I didn't get by memory.)

Want to jump to a deck? Use these handy links.

Want a list of all the videos from this entire trip - check out our full video playlist here

Deck 1

The Health Center (Crew Quarters and Ship Services are also on this deck.)

Deck 2

Staterooms and The Youth Clubs

It's a Small World Nursery

Disney's Oceaneer Club and Lab

Deck 3

The Grand Hall and 1923 Restaurant, Preludes, The Bayou, Nightingale's, and Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge

Deck 4

Hook's Barbery, Untangled Salon, Worlds of Marvel, Wishing Star Cafe, Neverland and Wonderland Cinemas, Walt Disney Theatre, Luna

Deck 5

Enchanted Sword Cafe, Keg and Compass, Triton, Mickey's Mainsail (no photos), Edge, Arendelle, Senses Spa

Decks 6 - 10

Decks 6 - 10 are mostly staterooms with the exception of the Laundry which is on Deck 8. I included videos of Deck 8 and our stateroom which was 9514 on this ship.

Deck 11

Inside Out: Joyful Sweets, Marceline Market, Dory's Forget Me Nots, Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods, Pools

Deck 12

Vibe, Hideaway, Hero Zone, The Rose, Enchante (no photos), Palo Steakhouse, Concierge Lounge (no photos), Toy Story Splash Zone

Decks 13 & 14

These decks have pools as well as the Quiet Cove adult area, and entry to the AquaMouse (no photos). We didn't spend much time in these areas.