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Day at Sea #1 - Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Hi all. It’s Kara starting out again.

We both slept really well last night. We were awake and ready to head up to Cabanas for breakfast around 7:30am. Neither of us tends to gravitate towards breakfast in the sit down restaurant; however, we may need to give it a try on the second sea day because Cabanas was a little disappointing this morning. They had the usual fare but we both eat too much and the taste wasn’t as good as we’ve had before.

Gayle decided to head off to the Art of the Theme ship tour, while I stayed behind and read - which turned into a little napping. After Gayle returned, she motivated me and we headed to Deck 4 to do a little over a mile stroll at a good pace. The weather was perfect. A nice breeze, plenty of sunshine, and great temperature. There were a lot of people out on deck which wasn’t surprising given it’s a sea day. Lots of families playing shuffleboard, loads of people walking and jogging, and several people enjoying the loungers on deck.

After doing our laps, we headed back to the room for a bit and then decided to finally get Quick Service of, you guessed it: chicken tenders and fries. We’ve gotten to the end of many cruises and wish we’d eaten more of these cruise line staples!

We decided to split up again for the afternoon. Gayle took in the new Indiana Jones movie, which was showing in the Walt Disney Theatre, while I went to Origami in the Promenade Lounge. I met a nice Italian mom and her tween daughter as we shared a table and some markers at Origami.

My craft session was over in about an hour, so I headed back to the stateroom and enjoyed a nice relaxed shower, some reading time while also working on some Apple iPhone shortcuts (because I am a nerd), and customizing my focus modes some more. (I was going to go ahead and add in before Gayle got back that she hated the movie and wasn’t sure why she went. I didn’t but should have because that was her reaction when she returned to the room.

Gayle: I wished I’d skipped the movie, as I haven’t really enjoyed any of the Indiana Jones franchise.

Kara: After returning, Gayle got ready for dinner (I kept reading) and we were ready early enough that we headed down to the District Lounge. We were actually heading for Skyline, but it was closed for a private event, so we settled for District Lounge. I ordered a “Minus 5”, which was a little more boozy than I like. Unfortunately, the musical duo in the District Lounge was singing really slow ballads (Zzzz), which are NOT our style. We departed and got sucked into watching Karaoke in the D Lounge, which was a load of fun and entertained us until it was time to go to dinner in Royal Palace.

We were greeted by Nadine and Rama again. We ordered the shrimp and lobster appetizer (1 each), I ordered my favorite farmhouse salad, and we both ordered the lobster pasta. (I’ve got to find a recipe for that sauce online when we return home!) Gayle also ordered the non-alcoholic drink of the day, which was basically an orange milkshake with a base of cherry fizzy soda at the bottom (aka Grenadine).

Gayle: I don’t like cherry either, so the part I drank was great!

Kara: After dinner, we went straight to 687 (pub) to get seats for 80s Music Trivia. We grabbed the end of a booth, which we shared with another family of four. We did pretty bad on trivia, but we don’t go to these to win. We go for the sing-along. We’re looking much more forward to 90s Music Trivia, which is happening tomorrow night after dinner.

After trivia it was immediately time to head to the show in the Walt Disney Theatre - The Golden Mickeys. We’ve seen this a load of times, as it was on our very first cruise in 2006! They really need to update Bob Iger (whose hair is now gray) and take out Tim Allen, because virtually none of the audience pays attention during his part which has way, way too many Tim the Toolman references in it. I remember when we saw this for the first time, which was at the height of Allen’s fame, and it was hilarious. Now, not so much. We were also disappointed in the remake of the “Under the Sea” section - based mostly on how they dressed the host in this octopus costume that made her look like she had tentacles coming out of her tatas. It was NOT a good look. Otherwise, the show was phenomenal. Gayle and I do worry sometimes that we’ve become the curmudgeonly old guys from the Muppets as we complain about all of these things that we actually love.

After the show we headed straight to our room to get ready for sleep as we have a VERY full and fun day planned in Stockholm tomorrow.

Disclaimer: I (Gayle) am a travel agent with Authorized Disney Travel Planner agency - Off to Neverland Travel. Contact me today for a no-obligation quote!

Next up… Stockholm on your own becomes Stockholm with a private guide

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