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Day of Sloth aka Day at Sea 2 - Saturday, August 5, 2023

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Gayle: We like it when at least one day on the cruise has nothing officially planned for it. This was as close as we would get, as we planned only for Kara’s Mixology class at 2 p.m. and to go to the main stage show, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at 6:15pm (the earlier of the two show times since we were skipping main dining tonight).

Looking at the menu is often what helps us decide Day of Sloth (a day where we plan and do almost nothing. It is called a vacation, you know!). If it’s a main dining night where we know we don’t like the menu, then we will skip. And this certainly meets that expectation. Reflecting back on yesterday’s main dining experience we recognize that when we were first or second time cruisers we might have just powered through a meal we didn’t like that much and said nothing. Now, confident in our cruising, we’ll let it be known we don’t like a menu and decide what to do from there. After all, there are ALWAYS chicken tenders.

Kara: We got up around 8:30am and headed up to Cabanas which was, to be expected, packed. We ate breakfast and then headed back to the room. I grabbed a shower while Gayle read. I joined her in reading for a bit and then we decided it was nap time!

The nap was delightful. Gayle woke us up around 1:20pm before my 2:00 p.m. Mixology class in Skyline.

I was lucky enough to grab Mixology on the Disney Wish once before. I’m so happy I decided to do it again as Vlada, Luis and Cez in Skyline allowed us to each make a drink. Each group of 5 participants made one drink, so I got to make the oo-la-la mojito-inspired drink. I think my favorite drink was the Purple Rain. And, I have now done my first-ever shot, which wasn’t so bad. I enjoyed chatting with the folks at my table who were absolutely lovely.

On the way back, I grabbed some chicken tenders and fries as our very late lunch and headed back to the room. Gayle had showered and watched a show while I was gone.

After our snack I stayed to finish up some blogging tasks and then Gayle went to the shops and to Guest Services. (After our embarkation experience, we decided it would be easier to book the Disney Transfer back to the hotel instead of fighting the tight space and App for our disembarkation day.)I joined her before we were to head to the show at 6pm for the 6:15pm start time. The line was crazy long at 5:50pm so we joined in to wait. I grabbed some popcorn for the first time on the cruise to enjoy as the show got started.

The entertainment crew on this ship is incredibly talented, but there is something about them that isn’t hitting us the right way. While we both enjoyed seeing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, we also agreed that we didn’t need to see it again. The projection and staging were incredible. I just don’t like how dark this version got. Gayle also didn’t really enjoy the staging of “Be Our Guest”.

We headed back to our room to order Room Service for dinner. We were also having an issue with our Verandah door not sealing properly. I had been able to jiggle it a little and get the wind to stop whistling through it, but that wasn’t happening tonight. So we called Guest Services who alerted our stateroom host, Tony. Tony came to the rescue and was able to stomp the door back into place. He said he’d have the carpenter come and fix it tomorrow. Just as Tony was finishing fixing the door, dinner arrived.

We had the pasta bolognese and split part of a margarita pizza. The pasta was better than we both expected it to be although the two pieces of crostini that came with it weren’t worth the effort and potential for chipped teeth.

We then got ready and headed for bed as we had an early morning to disembark in Fredericia, Denmark.

Gayle: Some may view days like this as a “waste”. However, remember we were dealing with a 6 hour time difference/jet lag and visiting 5 brand new (to us) cities/port stops. While we always term trips like this Adventures, not Vacations, we have also learned the value of moderation!

Disclaimer: I (Gayle) am a travel agent with Authorized Disney Travel Planner agency - Off to Neverland Travel. Contact me today for a no-obligation quote!

Next up… Fredericia, Denmark

As to Disney artwork, logos, and properties: ©Disney | Ship Registry: The Bahamas | CST# 2090317-40 / Fla. Seller of Travel Ref. No. ST37203

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