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Welcome to Copenhagen where the local time is Sunday, July 30 at 12:55 p.m.

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After a VERY long travel day (and night) it was the next day and we were successfully in Copenhagen. The first question after such a tight turn around in London was, “Where are our bags?”. Gratefully, our bags likely took a less circuitous route to get to the SAS flight and they came off the baggage carousel very quickly once our flight’s luggage started moving. PHEW!

The Copenhagen airport is intriguing as the gates seem to have nowhere to sit in them so we’ll report back on that when we depart in several days. But, overall, our process through the airport was simple. We were moved through customs and border protection very quickly - and even got our passports stamped! (This is a big thing for me, Kara, because when you cruise, you rarely get stamps). This was especially interesting since the CPB person in London didn’t even look at my passport after looking at Gayle’s and realizing how close we were on our flight time.

We had shared some thoughts on how we would get to the hotel from the airport. Options abound with bus, ride share, and taxi all as options. When we came to the doors to exit the airport the sky had opened up and it was pouring rain so no further discussion was needed. Taxi it is. Our Tesla taxi delivered us right to the hotel and I probably over-tipped the driver.

We are staying at the Copenhagen Marriott and were upgraded to a water view room (thank you Marriott status!). Thankfully, they were able to get us a room within just a few minutes and we made our way up here, enjoyed the view for a few minutes, grabbed some ice from the ice machine to begin to rehydrate and collapsed onto our beds.

Gayle here! I will admit we did what every world traveler tells you not to do - nap. I don’t recall the exact time, but I’ll guess we napped for a couple of hours, maybe 2-4pm or 3-5pm? I FIRMLY believe this is what started the trip off on a positive note and made me feel at least 75% less jet-lagged than all my prior trips to Europe.

After a brief rest period, we ventured out to the Tivoli Food Hall. I was going to be a little more adventurous but we both ended up at Chicks by Chicks, a woman-owned and operated chicken place that does both fried (chicken strips) and rotisserie chicken. I had the chicken pita which featured strips, hummus, and pickled vegetables. Gayle had the rotisserie chicken. Both dishes came with fries. I also got an apple juice in a bottle that I asked if it was hard cider. Thankfully the woman at the register was kind enough to simply chuckle at my ignorance.

We headed back towards the hotel and went on past it to explore along the canal a bit. We are staying right near two of the three public swimming/bathing spots in the canal. We decided to opt for hot showers at the hotel - but there were several people enjoying the canal swim opportunity.

It looked like it was going to rain again so we cut our walk pretty short and headed back into the hotel. As we were settling back into the room, Gayle noticed a rainbow across the canal. Ever since my mom passed I’ve taken rainbows as a sign from her.

We both are enjoying some quiet time this evening just chilling and now both clean from the last 48 hour of travel time. I (Gayle) called to request my usual non-feather pillows and having read online, also a fan. They brought a 3-4’ tall tower fan, which is likely the only thing that prompted good sleep. As I’ve experienced nearly everywhere in Europe, IF there is A/C, it is always a fraction of what we have in the States. So if you need it chilly to sleep, keep this in mind!

Excited to explore Copenhagen more tomorrow!

Next up… A Full Day in Copenhagen

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