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October 2022

October started with our cruise on an inaugural season sailing of the Disney Wish getting extended for two extra days by Hurricane Ian. This would have been nothing but amazing, except that I came home with COVID. Thankfully my case was very, very mild. I wrapped up the month by getting both my flu shot and my third COVID booster. If you're wondering, I don't recommend getting both of these in the same arm.

I also had the opportunity to visit Denver, CO in October with a client. That trip brings me close to the end of my 2022 travel schedule. When I started Monarch Strategies LLC, I wasn't sure if I would travel much at all. It has been a pretty nice balance throughout the year so I hope to keep that continuing forward.

I am once again mentoring in R.J. Nestor's AP Productivity course which has been totally revamped for this go around. I'm also taking Nick Milo's Linking Your Thinking course which I'm sad to say has been underwhelming thus far.

I also launched my Quarterly Planning Retreats, powered by Creative Work Hour. I'm so excited to share in mid-November what I have planned on this front in 2023. Creative Work Hour continues to power my days. If you're looking for a lovely space of supportive creatives, this is a wonderful coworking group to hang out in.

On the more playful front, my lovely stylist Carly added some pink highlights to my hair this month. I also had a fun "date night" with 7 year old Lauren. We went to ZooBoo and to the Sugar Factory and then she spent the night. The little card shark beat me at Uno every time we played. She also made me a lovely book to commemorate our time together.

As the month closed, I get to hang out with some Ivy Tech friends when my friend Ann retired and we celebrated her at what has become our traditional place - Blind Owl Brewery. Gayle and I also spent the last weekend of the month together and took Kona out to Minnetrista's Farmer's Market where he got to show off his Pluto costume for Halloween.

So much is on the horizon for November. The year is certainly not slowing down at all as it screams towards its conclusion. How was your month?

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