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September 2022

Happy mid-October everyone. I'm finally checking in with my September update. What a busy month - and the busy hasn't stopped. Happily, it is all good busy.

I started off September finishing up my annual Project Health 2022 by getting my second dental cleaning of the month. Project Health has been an annual project I've done now for about eight years and it has allowed me to easily college all of my medical & wellness appointments, follow-ups, medication reminders, etc. in one place. Now it's time to start making appointments for 2023!

Gayle and I visited the planetarium at Ball State to kick off Labor Day weekend.

And then our family got together at my niece Amanda's. Here are the animated and non-animated versions of all the great grandkids that were in attendance with Great Grandpa Frank.

Is it just me or do those animated gifs (Google Photos just makes these when you shoot a bunch of photos in sequence) remind you of photos from the Harry Potter films?

September has seen a lot of season changes. I winterized the patio garden and Kona and I enjoyed a lot of walks together outside in the beautiful weather. I love this time of year but I don't love what comes next.

Speaking of the change of seasons. I wanted to get together with my dear friend Diana and trade some picture taking time. It was a wonderful day visiting with her and her pooch Brimley. Kona and Brimley play well together and Diana and I get to visit. I won't share the photos from the session as I am going to use one of the ones Diana took as my Holiday card photo this year. I will share that we did those inkless paw print kits with the boys. This is Kona's paw print.

Speaking of Kona - in both good and bad - he and I were apart from each other in September longer than ever before when a work trip followed by vacation came along. Thankfully, he was able to stay with his Grandpa and Aunt Susie who he loves very, very much.

My work trip was to Nashville and included a major presentation at a conference of academic leaders.

We had a lovely rooftop reception one night while we were at the conference and I was able to get in some live music my last night in town by going to "The Listening Room" in Nashville. If you're ever there I can't recommend it highly enough.

And Gayle and I closed out the month with a trip to Walt Disney World (although it ended up being a no parks trip even though parks were on the original plan) AND a 4 night cruise (that turned into six nights due to Hurricane Ian) on Disney's newest ship - The Disney Wish. You can read all the details of that trip here:

Here are a couple of photos from each leg of the journey.

I hope you had a lovely September. I'll see you again in October!

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