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July 2022

I got a little bit behind in my monthly updates - only because I didn't have a good process for them. They are now going to appear right on the blog AND they will automatically feed over to my Monthly Updates page.

While this post is about two months late, hopefully it will be an easy update from now on!

After the whirlwind of June travel to Glacier National Park and Portland, Oregon, July was blessedly quiet. I did officially mark the day with a post about Halfway Day - checking my progress through the first half of 2022. What a year it has been!

Kona is also proud to report that our car is now officially the Kona-Mobile. My plate bearing the name and logo of my former employer is gone for good and now it's officially Kona's car. Glad to also be benefiting animal care - one of my strong passions - with the small donation from our new plate.

Gayle and I spent a lot of time together in July and honored our annual staycation time at the end of the month.

I also tried a new to me coffee place in Indy - Rabble Coffee - with my friend Hillary. I highly recommend.

Kona and I also got outdoors a lot in July - despite the blistering heat. We tried out our local farmer's market at the Lawrence Cultural Park and finally got to see - and hear - the musical swings in action.

While July was quiet and peaceful - no worries. August is FULL to the BRIM with exciting adventures.

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